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PLANVERD has been working since 2013 in the creation of innovative solutions for the development of reforestation projects, covering the most urgent demands of the environmental area. In addition to restoring areas through the planting of native seedlings, they also promote the sequestration of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and empower communities to preserve the restored areas. Access the opportunity details to learn more about PlantVerd!


ABISSAL Capitalismo Saudável is a consultancy that guides small and large companies to the path of sustainability, guiding them in the adoption of governance standards and positive impact on their business. Access the opportunity details to learn more about Abissal.

The duration of the investment is 45 months and the rate of return is 11.35% per year.

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eeCoo is a company that distributes biodegradable packaging that can be disposed of in conventional organic waste or composted, reducing the impact of disposable waste. In addition, it provides services in the area of sustainability and environmental consultancy throughout Brazil. Access the opportunity details to learn more about eeCoo.

The duration of the investment is 39 months and the rate of return is 12.68% per year.

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3Agro Seed Project

  Phase 1

Semente MoedaAcademy Project

Phase 1

Digital assets for the real Amazon.
The Semente 3Agro Project takes a new look at the defense of one of the most important and diverse biomes in the world: the Amazon Forest. Through the issuance of green tokens referring to conservation areas, economic development is linked to the conscious and balanced use of production and strengthening of social policies with community support in raising awareness.

Education as an instrument of social transformation

MoedaAcademy is the platform designed by Moeda to use the power of education to transform lives and build new realities from technology and its ability to reach more places. A digital, interactive and accessible environment with the potential for social development and distance learning structure to facilitate personal organization and reach anywhere in the world.


Founded in 2018, is a tax innovation startup that connects the ecosystem of tax incentive laws, through products and services, to projects that solve collective social problems.

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