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Project FAQs Circulos de Investimentos da É circular e Moedas Seeds

1. What are Investment Circles?

Investment Circles are a series of meetings between people who have common dreams and are willing to invest their money in projects that are aligned with their ideals.


Through dialogues and many exchanges, each Investment Circle group will decide how much and where to invest their money. You will have the autonomy to make your choices, but with the chance to share your dreams with more people.

3. I've never invested before, can I join the Investment Circle?

Yes, even if you have never made an investment before, you can join the Investment Circle. The entire methodology of the Investment Circle is designed so that people who have never invested can obtain information, clarify their doubts, express their opinions and fully participate in conversations. If you still don't feel safe to start investing, you can schedule a mentorship or sign up for our financial education course to answer your questions.

5. How many meetings does an Investment Circle last?

An investment circle has three meetings for dialogue about the members' dreams and presentation of investment projects, one meeting per week, totaling three weeks of meetings. After the investments are made, the group will meet periodically to monitor the impact on the supported projects.

7. Do I need to attend all Investment Circle meetings to be able to invest?

Not mandatory, but recommended. It is during the meetings that investors will be able to learn about the projects, participate in defining the purpose of the investment and find out what results the supported projects are expected to achieve. The reports of the meetings will be available on the É Circular website, but they do not replace the richness of participating in the meetings.

9. When are the Investment Circles meetings?

The day and time of the meetings will always be indicated together with the disclosure and registration in the Investment Circles.

11. How do I deposit money for the investment?

In order to deposit money in the investments presented and discussed in the Investment Circles, it is necessary to have a MoedaPay account, which can be opened through the website or the MoedaPay mobile application. With the account open, you will be able to transfer funds to your MoedaPay account and make your impact investments. To invest in Investment Circle projects, when you click on “My Portfolio” in the MoedaPay mobile application, the “Invest” option will appear, which displays the Investment Circle portfolio. You will be able to read and sign the contract and indicate the amount you want to invest.

13. Do I need to pay to participate in the Investment Circle?

Not. Participation in the Investment Circle is free.

15. What is the financial return on investment?

The financial return on investment is 8% of the total amount invested.

17. Can I withdraw my money before the maturity of the investment?

Not. This is not possible because the money you invested was used to carry out a microcredit operation, so it will not be possible to recover the amount before the agreed deadline.

19. I want to support the projects with some service, more than with money, can I do that?

Yes. If you have any skills that can support the development of projects or if you want to participate in some action with the project, you can register in the talent bank and indicate how you want to support the project.

2. Who can participate in Investment Circles?

Anyone interested in making an impact investing can participate in Investment Circles.

4. Why should I participate in Investment Circles?

Investment Circles are opportunities for people to make an impact investment in an organized and engaged way. If you have concerns about socio-environmental issues and seek to support initiatives that aim to present and guide solutions to such issues, you can also do this through an impact investment.

6. Is there a minimum and maximum amount to invest?

The minimum investment amount is R$25.00 (twenty-five reais). There is no maximum amount to invest, but you must consider your financial reality to stipulate the amount you will invest.

8. How long does an Investment Circle meeting last?

Each Investment Circle meeting lasts around 1 hour and 30 minutes, which can be a little longer, but never longer than two hours.

10. How do I apply for Investment Circles?

You can apply via this link: .

12. How is investment in the Investment Circle formalized?

The investment is formalized through a loan agreement, which is an instrument that formalizes credit operations (loan) between you and OSCIP Green Cross (“Green Cross”). Green Cross, in turn, will use the funds to operationalize the granting of credit to the chosen initiatives.

14. What is the deadline to make the investment?

From the first meeting of the Investment Circle, you have one month to make the investment, even if you do not attend the meetings. So, if the first meeting is on February 15th, you have until March 15th to make the investment. After this period, the funding is closed and you can invest in other opportunities.

16. How long does it take to receive the money I invested plus the financial return?

You will receive the money you invested plus the financial return in one year from the closing date of the Investment Circle fundraising (date of the first meeting + one month).

18.  Will my money be refunded in installments or all at once?

The money invested plus the financial return will be returned in a single installment, on the day of the investment's maturity.

20. How will projects be monitored?

É Circular, in partnership with Moeda Semente, will monitor the development of the project. Moeda Semente will be in charge of providing technical advice and supporting the development of capacities and solutions for the projects to be successful and É Circular will provide impact reports and accountability to investors.


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