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With individualized analysis and guidance, we present ways to take care of your financial health and possibilities for impact investments, based on a curatorship of transformative initiatives.


A fully online Utopian financial education course that teaches you how to take care of your finances and social well-being.

How it works:

  • Total course duration: 6  weeks

  • Classes are recorded and will be released weekly, on the Moeda Academy platform and remain available for one year.

  • Virtual meetings to ask questions and discuss exercises (the meetings will be recorded and can be accessed later)

  • Telegram group for exchanges and discussions (optional participation)

  • E-book with full and exclusive course content, including case studies

  • Start of classes:  to be defined

  • Value:  BRL 500

  • Scholarships for black, indigenous and low-income people (there will be a limit on places and the rules for selection will be announced with the opening of registration)

20% discount for payments made up to one month before classes start (R$400)

5% discount for cash payments (R$ 475)

20% discount for customers who already invest with our partners Moeda e Trê (R$400)

*Get a notice when registration opens and secure your spot

Target Audience:

Interested people in general. No prior knowledge of the area is required to participate.

This course is for you who:

  • Wants to support businesses aligned with its values and generate a positive impact on the world  

  • Feels frustrated and powerless with reduced quality of life  

  • Tired of financial education gurus and idols with false promises of get-rich-quick

  • Tired of people offering ready-made formulas without considering the specifics of each person and social inequalities


The world of investments has always been one of the most exclusionary, as its main objective is to make rich people richer through income from financial investments.


We will not teach you to accumulate capital and live off your income, we will teach you to consciously achieve your financial well-being while contributing to transformations for a better world.


In this course, we will demystify impact investing and show how they can be part of anyone's savings, taking into account the diversity of financial lives.

The course will be facilitated by Paula Fiuza, founder of É Circular, PhD in Political Science, with research in the area of social rights and solidarity economy; Financial planner associated with SuperRico - Projetos de Vida;  Co-entrepreneur of Tre Investimentos and partner of Moeda Semente.


Contents :

The course content was formulated to include:

a) Analysis of the context of social inequalities and how it impacts personal finances;

b) Presentation of the main concepts and products of the traditional financial market;


ç) Presentations of the main financial innovations focused on sustainable and impact investments;

d) Updated discussion on the main issues surrounding sustainable and impact investments.

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Maneuvers for a fairer and more sustainable economy

There are people who say that it is easier to see the end of the world than the end of capitalism. Will be? This podcast brings initiatives that seek to change the route of the economy, making it fairer and more sustainable. From Faria Lima to community banks, ASG investments, impact investments, solidarity economy, circular, regenerative, creative, decentralized finance and many other proposals... After all, is it overcoming capitalism or conscious capitalism?


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É Circular - Mobilizing Impact Investments has an editorial line that discusses how impact investments and businesses, together with public policies that guarantee rights and reverse inequalities, can promote social transformation.

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